Grip Limited: Redesign

Grip Limited is a full service Canadian advertising agency located in Toronto, Ontario. This design is for their relocation to 18 Hook Avenue in the Junction neighbourhood of Toronto.

The modern age has brought innovation and technological advances, and as an unintended result, isolation and a reduction in socialization. A European model of a community-based office environment has been adopted in this design, aiming to produce harmony and an increase in productivity and employee wellbeing. A centralized hub is placed in the heart of the office, providing the opportune space for reconnection, as well as mental and physical rest. The informal and elastic family-style of working taps into Grip Limited’s playful attitude, and the use of orange throughout the space further reinforces their brand identity.

Completed at Ryerson University

second floor plan with legend parti diagram of the heart of the office main office work stations axonometric entrance and staff room axonometric office section view render 1, main office work area render 2, individual work station render 3, staff room