Monica Beckett


Monica Beckett

Graduated with honours from the BFA program at uOttawa

Completing the BID program at ryerson university

In my work I examine and challenge the representative stereotypes of women in western society by contrasting sexualized bodies against their feminist opposition. I combine found images from the Internet and textiles to create a social critique of the stereotypical female image. The embrace of alternate mediums such as fabric, embroidery thread, ribbon and other ‘domestic arts,’ expresses techniques that reference the artistic traditions of women and femininity itself.

By using popular stereotypes against their intended meaning I create a new interpretation of ‘women as object.’ I attempt to expand the singularly male-centered sexual environment for pleasure, towards feminine desire and sexual dominance.

By balancing obviousness with subtlety and a reworking of the traditional representation of the female figure, critical observations towards the social values society places on women can be made. My work can be interpreted as a reflection of the second-wave feminist movement and a satirical portrayal of the oppressed body. I would like viewers of my work to question the misogynistic representation of women in North American society, and find open mindedness towards certain suppressed groups of women and the feminist movement.


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