Pipe Dream

Good design does not always have to function with heavy conceptual underpinnings; sometimes, it can have the simple goal of play. Often the small joys in life are ignored, and as we age, the notion of fun-as-necessity becomes forgotten. Pipe Dream aims to provide an adult relaxation space, as well as enforce the dreamy atmosphere of the play-focused environment. From the semi-circular arches and concrete seating, to the donut-shaped swings and in-ground seating areas, the circle is brought to the forefront of this design. Within the courtyard, the circle is used as a way of bringing people together, by creating large swings for multiple users, as well as a circular fire pit and bar area for many to gather and relax in.

sketch of archways and seating rings plan view of site section drawing of courtyard close-up section drawing of archways diagram of light locations renered photo of final site