Resilient Retail: Grocery Concept Store

Created while working at Mason Studio.

As COVID-19 brings uncertainties about the future of retail, the designers at Mason Studio and I explored how retail environments can be redesigned towards a more resilient customer service model. Using alternative product delivery systems and modernizing aspects of service models, a resilient space which maintains strong aesthetic and brand value has been created. The shop is comprised of a semi-outdoor contactless corridor with shoppable window displays, and lockers for order-ahead pickup. Each window is curated with a collection of goods for specific purchasers, giving the business the flexibility to curate and adapt their offerings. The mosaic floor of local flora and fauna adds an intimate feel, while incorporating subtle physical separation guides in a more integrated approach.

exterior view of grocery store. Rainy day. Dual view or interior and exterior on sunny day. animated gif of floor plans mosaic floor tile sketch mosaic floor tile development