Monica Beckett

Sunken House – Circulation Model

The Sunken House, by Adjaye Associates, is a three-story modern prefab home, in which the lowest floor of the house is sunken into the ground. The three staircases are the most integral part of the Sunken House’s circulation. With the two indoor staircases giving the ability to travel between floors, the outdoor staircase allows for easy access to the basement and courtyard from the driveway. The perfect balance between the east end of the floors, gives the house a symmetrical stackability. The two indoor staircases, as well as the half-walls immediately to the west of them, are all placed on top of one another, and thus all three floors line up seamlessly. The idea of stackability gave way for a playful and interactive model, which also shows the brightly lit quality of the floors through the resin interjections.