Monica Beckett

Agrow Culture

Operating on a zero-plastic basis, Agrow Culture combines mixed-use retail and community green space, and has a demographic of all who have a passion for sustainability and food. The main floor of this business is largely a bulk grocery store, of which no food or goods are sold in plastic. The consumers are encouraged to bring their own containers to fill with their purchases, or alternatively, can purchase containers and reusable bags during their shop. Interactive accessibility is a large component of Agrow Culture’s business model, with the bulk goods product displays presented along the ramp. 

The second floor merges park and greenhouse, open year round to all who want a community space to enjoy nature, no matter what the weather is outside. Hydroponics are used to grow fruits and vegetables for the store in a nutrient rich solution, making it an uninhabitable environment for parasites and bacteria to hinder crop production. These hydroponic growing stations are paired with natural grass patches, creating lush agricultural islands for customers to enjoy. Agrow Culture aims to benefit the environment and provide a guilt-free shopping experience, all while encouraging its customers to eat clean, and live green.

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